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Five Elements Flow
Virtual Summer Series


Ayurveda in Movement

Wellness Empowerment

Five Elements Flow classes are unique and inspired by my years of Ayurveda education, my own practice, and the 5Elements Vinyasa Flow teachings I received through Wilmington Yoga (developed by Kristin Cooper). 

The style is dynamic, active and designed to bring you greater awareness of the elements within and outside of us. 

Each week will be focused on a different element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) based on the current moon phase (except Ether will not have a designated class and instead will be present every week!).

Meet the Flow Elements

*Ether (the 5th element) creates our container and is present in all flows


5 Elements Flow

Q - Where are the classes held? 

A - Virtually over Zoom. 

Q - What are the dates of the Elements? 

A - Friday, June 9th: Air

      Friday, June 16th: Earth

      Friday, June 23rd: Fire

      Friday, June 30th: Water

      Friday, July 7th: Air

      Friday, July 14th: Earth

Q - What if I can't make it live? 

A - No worries! A recording will be emailed after each class and available for 5 days. 

Q - What is the cost? 

A - $15 per class with 10% of the proceeds going to Kiva (

Q - How do I register? 

A - Click on the button below. 

Q - Do I need to have previous yoga experience? 

A - We move quickly at times, so I do recommend having some experience practicing yoga. 

Q - When will I receive the Zoom link? 

A - As soon as you register. 

Q - Do I need to register for each session? 

A - Yes, please. The Zoom link will be different for each session.

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5 Elements Flow is For you If...

  • If you crave to create greater awareness of how movement and intention impacts your wellbeing

  • Love a blend of movement, breath and focus.

  • Want to learn ways to balance wellbeing based on bringing in the opposite.

  • Desire to be lead by a NAMA Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

  • Already have some previous yoga experience.

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Schedule a Free Discovery Call!

If you are interested by have questions are aren't quite sure if this series is right for you, schedule a call and we can chat it out!

What Ayurveda Clients Say

Sandra O.

This was my first experience of Ayurveda and as a Practitioner Megan opened my mind to the Eastern way of healing and wellbeing. Sometimes the littlest changes can have the profoundest effects in your life. Megan offered me a more holistic way to look at my health suggesting natural or organic treatments to keep my body in balance. Megan is very knowledgeable and has a warm, welcoming manner which made our sessions very enjoyable. I would highly recommend you book a session with her.

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