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3 Steps (and a Bonus) to Prepare for
Jumpstart to Wellbeing Intake: 

Welcome to this next step on your health and wellness journey! I am so happy you are here!! 


Complete Your Intake

**This must be completed before our scheduled session**

Clear some time and space, make your favorite beverage and settle in to fill out your intake. 

Choose the online version or the hard copy (printable) and please only fill out what you are comfortable sharing! No problem if you don't get through it all before we meet. 

*If you chose the hard copy, please print, fill out and then email back to before we meet. 

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Initial, Sign and Return Release/Waiver

Please print the document and then read, initial, sign and either email back to before we meet or bring to our meeting.

An E-Signature version is also available by requesting through


Optional - Get Clear on Your Goals

You know what they say: If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there! Being as clear as you can on what your wellbeing goals are will give you a focus and more motivation to stick with any changes. 

Don't stress too much on this task. Download the sheet below and answer as honestly as you can. Know that goals can and probably will shift! It is a journey! 

Image by Marissa Grootes


Optional Prep

Here are a few videos and an article on Ayurveda. Not required, but can be a helpful introduction before we meet: 

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