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Happy Cycles Program



WHO is this for?

This program is for anyone who has some challenges with their menstrual cycle and/or wants to know more about their unique cycle and it's inherent gifts. It's that whole knowledge is power thing, you know! 

WHAT is it exactly? 

The Happy Cycles program is based on the wisdom of Ayurveda and other holistic modalities and consists of educational sessions, community moon circles, and embodied yoga practices designed for each phase of the menstrual/moon cycle. There is also an option to deepen the experience by working one-on-one with Megan for a Full Individualized Coaching. 

  • Happy Cycles Program Includes (let's count it down!):

    • 5 75-minute virtual educational sessions consisting of lecture, self-reflection, Q and A, and an embodied practice

      • Lessons will be recorded and available for viewing through May 1, 2021

    • 4 On-Demand Yoga Sessions

      • One for each of the 4 main phases of the menstrual cycle / moon

      • Available for viewing through May 1, 2021

    • 3 Full Moon Circles​

      • Will not be recorded​



  • Educational Program and Full Moon Circle Dates and Topics**​

    • All sessions are from 7-8:15pm EST

    • Friday, January 22nd: Welcome and Connection of Moon and Menstrual Cycles 

    • Friday, January 29th: FULL MOON CIRCLE

    • Friday, February 5th: Introduction to Ayurveda and The Different Types of Cycles

    • Friday, February 12th - OFF FOR NEW MOON REST

    • Friday, February 19th: The Importance of Digestion to Our Cycle

    • Friday, February 26th - FULL MOON CIRCLE

    • Friday, March 5th: Breast Health and Breast Massage Ritual

    • Friday, March 12th  - OFF FOR NEW MOON REST

    • Friday, March 19th: Practices To Help Balance our Cycles

    • Friday, March 26th: FULL MOON CIRCLE

    • ** Lesson agenda and topics are subject to change


  • This program is 100% Virtual! Woop woop! 



  • Menstrual cycles aren't supposed to be painful, they are a way to purge, to release

  • Our cycles present us with opportunities to create, charge ahead, reflect and rest

  • Everyone’s cycle is different and knowing your cycle is powerful

  • When we know what to expect and when our superpowers are at their peak, we can plan ahead for optimal results in life 

  • It is really about empowerment through self-responsibility



  • Happy Cycles Program - $130



If you are looking for a more individualized experience, add on HAPPY CYCLE COACHING for an additional $120. 

  • Happy Cycle Coaching is a one-on-one add-on and includes:

    • Everything from the Educational Program 

      • Plus

        • Personalized Diet and Lifestyle recommendations based on a detailed intake session

        • 3 one-on-one regroup sessions (over Zoom)

        • 3 months of weekly check-ins

        • Unlimited email access to Megan for questions

  • Coaching begins as soon as the Intake Form is filled out and runs for 3 months (unless an agreement is made between participant and Megan to continue coaching)



  • Happy Cycles Program with Cycle Coaching - $250

Still not sure if this is the right program for you?

Book a 15 minute discovery call today!

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