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Jumpstart To Wellbeing Program

3 Weeks to a More Balanced You!

Bringing the millennia-old practices of Ayurveda into my daily routine has truly been life changing. I am sleeping better, having less digestive symptoms, more energy and life just feels more easeful.


Because it has been so beneficial to me, it is a passion of mine to share this wisdom with you in this unique one-on-one program. 


If you have been curious about Ayurveda or are feeling ready to take steps toward thriving in your wellbeing, this program is a wonderful introduction to the life-enhancing, healing modality of Ayurveda.

As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means.

- David Frawley

An introduction to Ayurvedic Practices to support your wellbeing the rest of your life! 

Recommendations based solely on your current individual needs and wellness goals.

Well-being empowerment (PRICELESS!)


Potential Areas of Focus (Based on Your Goals):  

Reducing Digestive or Elimination Symptoms

Improving Sleep

More Easeful Cycles

Generating More Energy and Vitality

Program Benefits

Herbs and Spices

What's Included

This is a One-on-One Program

A 45-Minute Intake Session

Personalized Recommendations

2-3 Check-In Meetings

Periodic Inspirational Emails

Bonus Surprises!

What to Expect in 1, 2, 3

Step 1:

Register for the program by booking your one-on-one intake meeting (link below). Meetings can take place Virtually (over Zoom) or in-person at iShine Yoga. 

**Meeting must be scheduled before September 16th**

Once booked, you will receive a little homework to complete before we meet. 🤗

Step 2:

We have our intake meeting where we will get really focused on your goals and learn where you are in your health journey. 

After this meeting, you will receive your individualized recommendations.

Step 3:

Put those recommendations into action for the remainder of the 3 weeks! 

We will schedule 2-3 check-ins during this time and you will also receive periodic email inspiration. All of this will be highly individualized based on your needs and goals. 

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Cathrine B.

Megan has counseled me multiple times regarding my health concerns.
I really appreciate how she didn't try to substitute the Western medical practices I was using with Ayurveda practices. She helped me see how Ayurveda focuses on balance & preventing disease in the first place. I am enlightened on how this practice enhances the quality of my life.

Julie S.

I loved my Ayurveda sessions with Megan! Megan is a compassionate listener so it was easy to talk to her about my challenges. She proposed so many great suggestions and followed up with me to see how I progressed with the changes. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to improve their health!

Bridget L.

Megan is thorough and conscientious with her recommendations and brings all of her knowledge and skills in other areas to her Ayurvedic consultations. I have studied with Megan and worked with her on a one-on-one basis. She is competent, kind, and exceptional!



45 Minute Initial Intake + Individualized Recommendations + Support Over the 3 Weeks + Bonus Surprises

*If you are excited about this program, but not comfortable with the cost at this time, please consider applying for a scholarship! Scholarships are limited and will cover 100% of the program. Woop Woop! 


Are you unsure if this is the right program for you or still have some questions?

I got you! 🥳

Click below to schedule a Virtual Meeting. Or email me at

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