Specialized Yoga Programs

What is Specialized Yoga?

Specialized yoga programs consist of one-on-one sessions that are geared toward a specific focus or challenge. They usually contain a combination of therapeutically-based yoga movements, breath-work, meditation and lifestyle suggestions that are designed to target your specific needs.


People use Specialized Yoga Programs to assist them in addressing musculoskeletal and psychological state challenges such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress Management

  • Depression

  • Posture Imbalances

  • Joint Instability

  • Arthritis

  • Menstrual/PMS challenges

  • Menopausal challenges

  • Plantar Fasciiitis

  • Piriformis Syndrome

  • Back Pain

  • Impaired Balance

  • and more

How Might This Benefit Me?

Those who have participated in Specialized Yoga have experienced the following:

  • A deeper understanding of and connection to their body

  • Received support with reducing or managing symptoms of a challenge

  • Experienced improved balance and mobility

  • Movement toward improved overall health and well-being

What to Expect

Because specialized yoga programs are designed for the specific individual, your journey will begin with a discovery session that seeks to gather a general understanding of your current lifestyle. This includes things like how you spend the bulk of your time, what you do to tend to your physical and emotional well-being, a basic health history, and more.


If you are seeking a program that addresses a physical concern or issue, the initial session will include postural and movement assessments and muscle tests to better understand your unique structure and movement patterns and how to use yoga to address imbalances and dysfunction.

In the case you are using our time to assist in the emotional realm (anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, grief, etc), our discovery session will explore support tools, self-care, and employ various practices and techniques of yoga to aide in a greater sense of well-being. Successive sessions build on the plan we co-create in our first session to ensure your specialized yoga program is the right fit for you.   


Learning about your body's specific needs takes time and possibly a little trial and error. Because of this, Specialized Yoga Programs require a 6 or 10 session commitment. 

  • 6 60-Minute Sessions for $480

  • 10 60-Minute Sessions for $775

If you have any questions about Specialized Yoga Programs and if one might be a fit for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to me: megan@y2ywellness.com or 980-272-7038

Moon Cycle Restorative Yoga

What is Moon Cycle Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga is a practice with the support of multiple props to allow you to deeply relax into long-held shapes. The Moon Cycle Restorative sequence is designed to support the process of menstruation by offering tools that help to relieve common physical discomforts associated with this time of the month. You need not be a woman with a monthly cycle to benefit from this practice, as this session can be effective for anyone looking to release stagnant energy from the creative space within and can be most effective in this way during a New Moon when releasing energy is at it's peak.

How Might This Benefit Me?

You may experience the following after practicing:

  • Reduced menstrual fatigue

  • Reduced pain associated with menstruation

  • Reduced lower back discomfort

  • A deep relaxation and release of tense muscles

  • Possible reduction of PMS related symptoms such as irritability, nervousness, depression

What to Expect:

This session is designed for your needs, but in general it consists of longer held shapes on numerous, supportive props with a focus on opening of the hips. A guided womb-release meditation and breath work throughout the session. If desired, there will be the option of using womb healing essential oils.


$85 for a 75-Minute Session

Private Yoga

What is Private Yoga?

Private yoga consists of one-on-one sessions with a focus on the practice of yoga designed based on an agreed upon intention. These sessions are a powerful way to be introduced to yoga, to help deepen your existing practice, or to create a home practice specific to your intentions.

How Might This Benefit Me?

  • A non-intimidating environment to be introduced to yoga

  • Focus on your individual needs/question

  • Gather a deeper understanding of the different aspects of yoga

What to Expect:

Our Private Yoga journey would begin with a discovery session, which may or may not be attached to our first yoga session. This discovery session will give us a chance to meet, to understand your needs and intentions, as well as go over what I can offer. From there, we can figure out together the best path for next steps. 


$75 for a 60-Minute Session

Moon Cycle Coaching

What is Moon Cycle Coaching?

Moon Cycle Coaching is designed to deepen your understanding of your unique menstruation cycle. Maybe your cycles have been a challenge for you and you are looking for some relief or maybe you are hoping to deepen your creativity by tuning into your inner feminine cycle. Either way, coaching can be of benefit. Let's work together to get you in sync with your cycle through hormonal and cycle education, cycle tracking, and lifestyle choices.

How Might This Benefit Me?

​Through Moon Cycle Coaching, women have experienced:

  • A deeper connection to their bodies and their cycles leading to them making more appropriate choices for what their bodies need

  • More energy throughout the entire month

  • Potential for less painful periods and/or less PMS

  • An enlivening of their inner creativity ​

What to Expect:

The Moon Cycle Coaching Package includes 3 in-person coaching sessions plus weekly emails over the course of 3 of your menstrual cycles. What you will receive from me:​

  • Knowledge of what is happening to your body during your cycle including hormonal changes

  • How to chart your cycle

  • The different phases of your cycle and how to use the energies of each phase for their full potential 

  • Ayurvedic lifestyle choices to help you tune into your natural cycle


$225 for the entire program (3 in-person coaching sessions plus weekly email check-ins)

Public Classes

What to Expect:

I love teaching group classes and try to make each one a unique and special experience. Using a mix of creative flows, "moon talks", plus yoga, Ayurveda, and breath-work education, there is always something new to experience. I teach a number of styles including Vinyasa Flow, Power, Slow Flow, Deep Stretch, and Restorative. Join me for a group class this week! 

New to Yoga?

I usually recommend those just starting out with yoga to either schedule a few private sessions or attend one of the slower-paced group classes (look for class titles like "Slow-Flow", "Deep Stretch", "Restorative", "Gentle", or even beginner classes if they are offered). Try to get to the studio 15 minutes before the class starts to sign any paperwork and get yourself oriented to the space (where the bathrooms are, where you put your belongings, etc.) If possible, introduce yourself to the instructor (we want to meet you and do try out best to talk to everyone, but we are human and can get distracted!) And try to go in with a sense of humor - it can seem intimidating, but I promise it is just yoga. We all started somewhere and are all on different paths! I like to look at yoga as an adventure and exploration. :)


(980) 272-7038

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