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Welcome to the Mindful
Mornings Challenge!

A Thrive Hive Course

Hello, my love and welcome to the information on the Mindful Morning Challenge 2024! I am so happy you are interested in creating a practice to start your days.


Throughout my Yoga and Ayurveda education, it became very clear that how I start my day is vital to my wellbeing and how I show up in the world. Waking before sunrise and taking time to connect to my body, my breath and my mind has helped me to approach each day in a more centered and balanced state.


This challenge is designed to give you a head-start into making Yoga and Meditation a consistent part of your morning routine!


Meditation is the basis for all inner work. 

- Sally Kempton


Mindful Mornings Challenge

Q - What is the structure of the challenge? 

A - This challenge will take place virtually within The Thrive Hive community. (The Thrive Hive is our virtual wellness community hosted by Mighty Networks).


The core of the challenge consists of 15 live, virtual sessions where we will gently move, practice breath work and meditate. Additional supportive content will available in the classroom throughout the challenge with the goal of you creating your very own consistent morning practice. 

The challenge is progressive. What we learn during the practices of Week 1 will be expanded on in Week 2. And week 3 will be built upon the foundations of what we practiced in Week 1 and 2. In other words, you don't want to miss a single day! 

Q - What are the dates for the live sessions?

A - Each Monday-Friday from 6:00-6:30am from January 22nd - February 11th. 

Q - What if I cannot make it live? 

A - No worries!! The replay of every session will be available in the classroom by 8am. 

Q - How long will I have access to the recordings? 

A - The course will close on November 15th. Until then, you will have full access to all course content and videos. 

Q - I see there are no live sessions on the weekends. What do on Saturdays and Sundays? 

A - Begin to cultivate your own practice or revisit one of the weekday videos. 

Q - What style/lineage of meditation will we be practicing?
A - My meditation training is Tantric-based with my most influential teacher being Tracee Stanley. You can learn more about her at 

Q - Will there be required reading? 

A - Nope! But, I highly recommend the book "Moving Inward: The Journey to Meditation" by Rolf Sovik, PsyD

Q - When is the last day to register?

A - January 24th, 2024

Q - What is the investment? 

A - This challenge offers tiered pricing. Please see the Investment section below. 

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Course Curriculum

Week 1: Foundations

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Sama Vritti (Equal Breath)

Week 2: Building Technique

  • Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) with mudra (hand placement)

  • Padadhirasana (Breath Balancing Pose)

Week3: Cultivating Your Practice

  • SoHam Meditation

  • Nadi Shodhana without Mudra

  • Pratiloma Variation of Nadi Shodhana

Child Pose
Image by Eric Rothermel

Important Course Dates

December 22, 2023
Registration Begins

January 21, 2024

Opening Ceremony

January 22, 2024
First Live Class

January 24, 2024
Registration Closes

February 9, 2024
Last Live Class

February 12, 2024
Closing Ceremony

MMC Investment

Mindful Mornings Challenge Investment

Choose the payment that works best for you! Each one receives the same access to all the content and benefits of the challenge. 


Community Pricing

When you choose this option, we appreciate that this is a significant allocation from your budget and are here to support you!!



Sustainer Pricing

For those comfortable paying the regular price for the program.



Supporter Pricing

Paying at this higher level will help enable fellow community members who are experiencing financial difficulties an opportunity to participate at a lower rate.


Free Discovery Call

If you are interested by have questions are aren't quite sure if this Challenge is right for you, schedule a call and we can chat it out!


All cancellations must be made by January 29, 2024. Refund requests made prior to January 29, 2024 will include refund of the amount paid minus transaction fees. After January 29, 2024, there are no refunds available except in cases of verified medical emergency

 Please review Megan Hively Yoga and Ayurveda's Terms of Service in its entirety here.

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